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Today’s funny… (And registration info)

At ACMA, it’s always medieval studies week. This weekend is your last opportunity to sign up for our lecture/seminar on Tuesday, October 23 from 7-9pm at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, VA.

Practice, practice, practice!

I am back from a fantastic event, the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium 2017, and feeling rejuvenated.  Practices will be resuming!  As it appears the weather seems to be on a warming trend we will be training at our outdoor venue.  For now, practice will take place during daylight hours on Saturdays and/or Sundays.  Newcomers are always welcome.  Use our contact page or send an email to for details.

Space, the final frontier…finding a practice location

ACMA is in the process of finding a suitable year round, all weather, practice space.  I am looking in the Arlington/Falls Church area.  My preference is for a facility that will allow us to pay per person as we go. We will start our official practices when either the weather becomes more cooperative or we find an indoor place, whichever comes first.  As soon as practice location times and place are determined, I’ll make the announcement here.

Edited to add:  We have a practice facility.  Practices will be on Monday evenings, 7:15 – 8:45, in the Seven Corners area of Arlington, Virginia, beginning on April 6.  For more information, please use our contact page:


Hello, I’m Pamela Muir, the group leader and head instructor of ACMA.  Having never outgrown playing with swords, I began my training in historical swordsmanship in 2003. As a self-professed western martial arts groupie, I am often found attending events where I have the opportunity to train under renowned instructors from around the globe. At home, I have studied with Tom Leoni at the Order of the Seven Hearts and Bill Grandy at the Virginia Academy of Fencing.

At heart, I am an academic and an educator.  I earned my B.S. Ed. at the University of Virginia and masters degrees in mathematics and computational sciences from George Mason University. Additionally, I hold a Virginia Department of Education postgraduate professional teaching license.  I have been employed as a math teacher in Arlington County Public Schools and a substitute teacher in Falls Church City Public Schools. When I am not teaching classes, my attention is focused on writing and research. Some of my work has included articles and reviews for and the Order of the Seven Hearts.

My goal is to use my background in education for the instruction of historical European martial arts. Towards that goal I have taught classes covering a variety of weapon styles, most often those of the medieval German Liechtenauer tradition.