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We’re Back! (Mostly.)

We are pleased to announce the return of our well reviewed lecture/seminar class with Arlington County Public Schools Community Learning. The class will be at the Syphax building on Tuesday, May 25 from 7-9pm. All attendees will be required to wear a mask and maintain social distance. Enrollment is currently open. Click here to register.

Arlington Community Learning

We have two upcoming dates for our well reviewed seminar/demonstration class about reconstructing the martial arts of medieval Europe.  Come peruse our library, handle our training equipment, and find out how to practice these arts yourself.  Registration is open for the February 26 class, held at W-L High School in Arlington, VA, 7-9pm.

If you cannot make the February class, your next opportunity will be April 21.  Watch this space for registration information.

Fall Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for our fall class. Students will get a chance to handle the practice equipment, browse the texts and see demonstrations as to how we are rejuvenating a martial art.

Class is one two hour session at W-L High School in Arlington, VA on Tuesday, October 22 from 7-9pm.

Registration information is in the link below.

Spring Registration Open

Our Arlington County Community Learning class is scheduled for April 23, from 7-9pm at W-L High School. Come out to view illustrations from medieval manuscripts, hear about the history of fencing and how modern students are practicing an historical martial art, as well as handle our practice swords and other equipment.

Register here:


February class canceled

Edited:  February class has a make up date scheduled! February 27 7-9pm at Washington-Lee High School. If you would like to register you can do so here:


Our February 20 Arlington County Continuing Education class was canceled due to predicted icy winter weather.  Our next lecture/seminar class will be on April 23 from 7-9pm at Washington-Lee High School.  Registration information will be posted here.

Winter Registration with Arlington County Community Education

Registration is now open for our winter class. This lecture/seminar about how we are reconstructing a martial art from medieval texts takes place at Washington-Lee High School, February 20, from 7-9pm.

Come out to see artwork from medieval manuscripts, handle our reproduction equipment, and learn how you can train in these arts.

You can register here:

Today’s funny… (And registration info)

At ACMA, it’s always medieval studies week. This weekend is your last opportunity to sign up for our lecture/seminar on Tuesday, October 23 from 7-9pm at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, VA.

Spring Registration is open

Arlington Community Learning classes are open for spring registration.  Our lecture/seminar on reconstructing historical European martial arts is scheduled for April 24. We will be presenting our source material, demonstrating techniques, and giving you a chance to handle our simulators.  Register at