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Arlington County Continuing Education Class

Our lecture/seminar on reconstructing historical European martial arts is scheduled for two sessions, February 21 and April 24.  We will be presenting our source material, demonstrating techniques, and giving you a chance to handle our simulators.  Registration for the February class is open:

Prefer to sign up for the April class?  Watch this space!

Arlington Community Learning

We are pleased to announce that ACMA will be hosting a three hour lecture/seminar “Historical European Martial Arts” with Arlington County Public Schools Community Learning.  We will be discussing and presenting historical techniques and weapon systems and the texts upon which our practice is based.  Students will also get a chance to handle some of the practice equipment and learn about how they can get started training in the chivalric martial arts.

The class will be held Tuesday, September 26, from 7-10pm at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia.

You can register online:

or by phone:


Watch this space!

ACMA will be presenting a lecture class “From Text to Practice” for Arlington County Public Schools Continuing Education.  We will post registration information here as soon as the fall course catalog becomes available.  Mark your calendars!

Historical European Martial Arts

The martial arts of medieval Europe were sophisticated systems of combat, in armor and without. Two opponents might engage with spear, sword, sword and buckler, dagger, or even unarmed.  This unique workshop will focus on the martial arts system of medieval Europe.  In addition to the weaponry and skills of the time, students will learn about the surviving documents from which these techniques are based.


Details:                 1 class of 2 hours

Time:                     7pm to 9pm

Date:                     Tuesday, September 26th

Location:              Washington Lee High School, 1301 N. Stafford Street, Arlington Va. 22201

Medieval Swordsmanship From Text to Practice: Library Presentation

When most people hear the phrase “martial arts”, they usually think of the Eastern martial arts such as Karate or Tae Kwon Do, but almost every culture has a martial arts legacy.  The martial arts of Medieval Europe have been preserved in texts and manuscripts of the period.  Come learn how modern students are rejuvenating these arts. Check out our reproduction practice swords and find out how you can train in the knightly arts.

When:  Sunday, November 15, 7:45pm.
Where:  Arlington County Central Library Auditorium, 1015 N. Quincy St., Arlington, VA  22201